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What is the nominal voltage of your cell?

Maximum voltage 2 – 4,3 V, recommended operating voltage 3 – 4,2


What is the voltage on fully charged and discharged battery?

Fully discharged battery 2 V, Fully charged battery 4,3


How does the battery respond to overcharge and deep discharge?

Our battery has no problem with overcharge and deep discharge.


Does you battery have memory effect?



What is the operating temperature of your battery?

Ideal operating temperature is 79°F works well at temperatures from 14°F to 186°F


How does your battery behave in low and high temperatures? ++++



What is the optimal charging current for your battery?

Any charging current. The battery takes as much as needed.


What is your battery self-discharge rate?

According to the measurement it is below 1% per month


What is your table volume and weight of battery according to kWh?+++++

For the high energy backup power source it can be based on parameter of 10 kg/kWh and a capacity of 3 liters per kWh


How fast is your battery charging?

From 15 min to 12 hours. It depends on the type of use and price.


Do you offer your batteries to retail sale?

Following the first phase we sell only to large companies and large power units.


Can I buy samples from your production line for test purposes?

All samples are currently primarily intended only for shareholders and orders of energy storage containers after payment in advance.


Are you hiring new employees?

Yes we do. Please send us your CV

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